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Giveabl helps charities, nonprofits, and social enterprises receive automated donations from businesses.

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How does Giveabl work for a recipient?

Imagine you're a charity that plants trees to combat the effects of climate change while restoring degraded forests.

You sign up for Giveabl and create a profile page with your logo, information about your charity and some photos showing the work you do.

You add a cause to your profile titled 'Plant a tree in South America' that requires a donation of $2.25 to achieve.

Now, a book store owner decides that they would like to plant a tree for every book sold. They sign up to Giveabl and select your cause to fulfill their environmental goal of planting trees. They don't know how to code, but they're using Shopify so they easily integrate with Giveabl’s Application Programming Interface (API) via the Giveabl Shopify plugin.

Now every time a book is purchased, your charity automatically receives a donation to plant a tree.

Giveabl helps donors and recipients easily set up their donation specifications and then go about their daily business with no extra monitoring or administrative time.

Why join Giveabl?
Donors pay the fees
Give donors a place to find you
API & Integrations
Future-proof your cause

Giveabl is free for recipients

You receive the donation, minus third-party payment processing fees, with the donor paying extra to cover the 1% platform fee.

Giveabl allows you to easily receive money from donors with little to no interaction from you, in turn allowing you to dedicate more resources to your cause.

Your Giveabl profile

Joining Giveabl helps you to be discovered by businesses who are actively looking to donate.

Your Giveabl profile page presents an overview of who you are and what you do, further demonstrating the positive impact a donation will have.

Becoming a Giveabl recipient is easy (and free!)

Simply create an account, claim your charity, NPO or social enterprise and begin the onboarding process.

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