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Public Affairs

Public affairs combine government relations, media communications, issue management, corporate and social responsibility and strategic communications advice. Donating to public affairs recipients via Giveabl allows them to continue their work in influencing public policy, building and maintaining a solid reputation and finding common ground with stakeholders.

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Civic participation, Elections, Election regulation, Political donations, Voter education and registration,
Public integrity, Self-determination

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Leadership development
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National security

Bioterrorism, Counterterrorism, Customs and border control, Immigration and citizenship, National defence

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Public administration

Census, Public works

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Public policy
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Public utilities

Communication utilities, Electric utilities, Renewable electricity, Oil and gas utilities, Sewage utilities, Water utilities

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National Chinese Museum Of Australia
ABN 41309670936
Endorsed DGR Items 1 &
Displayed, researched and maintained the collections of the Golden Dragon Museum Continued to promote goodwill and understanding between Chinese and Australians and all nationalities Encouraged interest in the contributions made and being made by the persons of Chinese descent to the history and development of Bendigo and wider Australia.
Broome Electrical Services
ABN 96152574653
Endorsed DGR Item 1
BES Provides direct relief for any Aboriginal person in the Broome Region. Through the medium of electrical contracting BES delivers its objectives which are to create long term employment for unemployed Aboriginals in roles that would generally not otherwise be obtainable. It creates a pathway for Aboriginal people from long term unemployment to a stage where supported employment is an appropriate progression in the individuals development, by way of electrical apprenticeships and into the future as qualified electricians.
Priests Welfare Foundation Of The Roman Catholic Diocese Of Bunbury
ABN 14680829221
Endorsed DGR Item 1
Reaching out to others in need, worshipping and proclaiming the Gospel to others by actions and words and calling others to Jesus and promoting a more loving and just society.
Pat Thomas House
ABN 98861423088
Endorsed DGR Item 1
Pat Thomas House Inc T/a OVIS Community Services provides crisis accommodation for women and women and their children escaping family domestic violence.
Amurri Divine Mercy Foundation
ABN 96625402806
Endorsed DGR Item 1
Assisted with donating money towards Amurri hospital building project which is our major project in Amurri town in Nigeria.
Katina Woodruff Children's Foundation
ABN 39077025811
Endorsed DGR Item 1
Providing identification of Childen hindered or limited by the Trauma of relocation or memories of refugee/migrant experiences and providing intervention (Child Anthropology) to move children beyond their barriers to full health and participation in Australian society.
We provide personalised aged care and support and community services to help people live with dignity and respect in their own home and neighbourhoods. We provide health, wellbeing and capacity building services to people in need so that they can stay independent, in control and make the most of their opportunities and potential. We work within the areas of aged care, finance, Aboriginal family support, leadership training and local amenities.
Seeds Of Hope Services
ABN 33850521476
Endorsed DGR Item 1
provided nutritious hot meals on a weekly basis provided clothing, personal hygiene essentials and food hampers as required
No Limits Perth
ABN 88110419236
Endorsed DGR Item 1
No Limits Perth is a not for profit charity providing essential emergency support servicesacross Perth’s northern suburbs to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community. The ethos behind No Limits Perth is to perform acts of kindness that change people’s lives for the better without any expectation of receivingin return.
Alcock Family Charitable Trust
ABN 47505330896
Endorsed DGR Item 1
We support various charities/individuals in necessitous circumstances.
Defence Force Welfare Association WA Branch
We provided DVA Advocacy services to exADF service veterans and exservice widows. We provided welfare assistance to exADF veterans. We provided monetary assistance to Assistance Dog training for exADF veterans.
Centre For Womens Safety And Wellbeing
We provided direct financial assistance to women in refuges on temporary visas. We provided financial assistance to women exiting a refuge to purchase white goods or other essential items. We provided free professional development training to DFV service providers.
Frequently asked questions

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Why do public affairs focused charities and nonprofits need funds?

Most public affairs focused charities and nonprofits need funds in order to continue carrying out their mission. This is because they often rely on donations and grants in order to be able to operate. Additionally, many of these organizations also use their funds to lobby for change or support certain causes.

How could my donation help public affairs?

Your donation could help public affairs by providing funding for research, campaigns, and awareness initiatives. This could help to improve the quality of life for people in your community and around the world.

What are some ways donations are used to support public affairs?

Some ways that donations are used to support public affairs include:

  • Providing funding for public awareness campaigns or educational materials on various topics
  • Supporting research and analysis on public policy issues
  • Helping to finance advocacy efforts by lobby groups or other organizations
  • Contributing to the operating costs of public affairs organizations such as think tanks
How do I know my donation is going to help public affairs?

There is no easy answer to this question. There are many organizations that focus on public affairs, and each one has different standards for how they use donations. Some organizations are very transparent about how they use donations, while others may be less so. The best way to research an organization is to look at their website or contact them directly to ask about their donation process and how your donation will be used.

How else can I support charities and nonprofits that focus on public affairs, aside from donations?

There are a number of ways to support charities and nonprofits that focus on public affairs, aside from donations. You can volunteer your time to help with their work, or you can raise awareness for their cause by sharing information about it with others. You can also advocate for their work by contacting your elected officials and asking them to support their efforts.

Public affairs identifies new opportunities

Supporting public affairs recipients means that policies that positively influence communities can continue to be presented and advocated for.

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