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Frequently asked questions

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How soon can we begin donating?
As soon as your account is set up with valid billing details, you can begin donating.
Why are there fees to donate?
Giveabl requires a small fee to pay for staff, servers, marketing, and a small profit to ensure the long-term stability and growth of the company. We do not pass on any costs to recipients.
How can Giveabl process 1c donations?
The Giveabl platform reduces payment processing fees by batching donations together into a single payment. This allows a donor to pledge donations as little as 1c and only pay them once a certain threshold is reached (typically equivalent to $5)
Is there a payment processing fee?
Payment processing fees (Typically equivalent to 2.9% + 30c of the donation volume) are charged by a third-party payment processing provider and deducted from the donation amount. The donation, less payment processing fee, is granted to the recipient.
How is Giveabl free for recipients?
The generosity of donors ensures that platform fees are covered by the donor. Recipients receive the donation amount, less payment processing fees. We do not ask recipients to provide billing details.

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