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Your donations via Giveabl's Donations API and plugins can support India by empowering underprivileged women and children, providing them with access to healthcare and education, and helping to build a bright future for all.

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In India, donations via Giveabl's Donations API and plugins can help to support a number of different causes. They can provide essential funding for medical care, education and other important services. They can also help to improve infrastructure and access to resources.

Donations can make a real difference in the lives of people in India. They can help to ensure that everyone has access to basic needs like food, shelter and healthcare. They can also enable people to lead healthier and more productive lives by providing them with opportunities for education and employment.

Donations are an important source of income for many organizations working in India. They provide vital support that helps these organizations to continue their work and make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve.

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Photo by Joshuva Daniel on Unsplash
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Photo by Ravi N Jha on Unsplash
Three ways you can support Indian causes

India is a vast country with a population of over 1.3 billion people. As one of the world’s most populous nations, it is no surprise that India also has a large number of underprivileged citizens. Here are three ways you can help support India:

  1. Donate to charities that work to improve the lives of those living in poverty in India. There are many organizations doing great work to help lift people out of poverty, provide access to education and health care, and more. Your donation can make a real difference in the lives of those in need.

  2. Advocate for better policies and practices that will help support India’s development. This could include supporting fair trade practices, calling for greater investment in infrastructure development, or pushing for reforms that will help reduce corruption and improve governance.

  3. Be a responsible tourist. When traveling to India, be sure to research responsible tourism practices so that you can minimize your negative impact on local communities and the environment. This could involve things like choosing homestays or eco-friendly hotels, opting for public transportation instead of taxis or private cars, patronizing local businesses, and avoiding activities that could damage delicate ecosystems (such as trekking off-trail).

What makes India unique About India

There are many things that make India unique. One of the most obvious is its diversity. India is home to many different cultures and religions, which gives it a very rich and vibrant history.

Additionally, India has a strong economy and is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. This makes it an exciting place to live and work.

India is known for its stunning natural beauty, from the Himalayan mountains to the beaches of Goa.

All of these factors combine to make India a truly unique and special place.

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Donate to support India causes

At Giveabl, we help businesses and individuals automatically donate to charities, nonprofits, and social enterprises via our website, API or code-less integrations.

You can support causes important to you or your customers without any hassle. Simply browse vetted causes from our curated selection of charities and social enterprises committed to doing good in the world, and get started today!

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Cini Australia
ABN 50142493570
Endorsed DGR Item 1
CINI Australia sponsors projects that aim to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty for disadvantaged women and their families in India. CINI Australia collaborates with Child in Need Institute (India) to identify those most in need, select and implement programs under an MOU. Programs are based on the empowerment of women; improving the health, nutrition and education of women and children; preventing child marriage and trafficking, improving services and building the capacity of communities to determine their own
The SCOOP Foundation Australia
SCOOP is a not for profit organisation inspiring connections between sponsors and notprofit educational centres’ who provide education for marginalised children. In recent years, SCOOP has focused its fundraising efforts for The School of Life in Varanasi India, whose teachers are committed to education as a tool to break the poverty cycle. The School of Life offers free education to children who live in the slums in Varanasi, providing food, security and shelter with long term, sustainable outcomes.
Global Medicine
ABN 99161604093
Endorsed DGR Item 1
1. Conducted a seminar for healthcare providers of Western Australia on Female Genital Mutilation on 27th Sept 2019 by Dr. Rohini Boddu, Prf. Krishna Boddu amd Dr. Sudha Pottumarthy Boddu in collaboration with Western Australian Indian Doctors Association where everyone was welcomed and attended.2. Due to COVID situation all international charity activities were put on hold. However, we are keen to resume back all charity activities of Global Medicine Ltd as soon as possible.
Ruma Abedona Australia
ABN 90687291391
Endorsed DGR Item 1
We raised funds in Australia by way of donations, bequests and other activities to support the free palliative care provided by Ruma Abedona Hospice in India
Helplink Australia
ABN 91467645088
Endorsed DGR Item 1
During 2019/2020 Helplink continued to provide financial support and resources (i.e. educational and clothing) to schools and orphanages even though COVID19 restricted travel to these areas in the latter part of the financial year. In Australia, Helplink continued support and counselling to new migrants, senior citizens as well as establishing a Men's Shed Centre where people (mainly men) can meet to engage in hobbies to improve their mental state.
International Village Care Ministry
ABN 68929975284
Endorsed DGR Item 1
We currently run a children's home in Southern India for orphaned or semi orphaned children. We also run a daycare training centre in Siem Reap Cambodia. We provide food and education along with other basic needs.
Brothers Mission For The Poor
ABN 48874356825
Endorsed DGR Item 1
Provided money to the poor
Veritas College International
Veritas College International Inc. is a Registered Training Organisation in the Vocational Educational sector and is authorized to offer a Cert IV in Biblical Ministry, a Diploma of Biblical Ministry, an Advanced Diploma of Biblical Ministry and a Graduate Diploma of Biblical Ministry. The College offers its assessment services to a number of associated colleges and churches in a number of countries, focussing on those that have a need for practical theological training because of limited financial resources. Most of our graduates are from disadvantaged countries where the church is growing with an accompanying need for theological training. All these graduates are heavily subsidized by Veritas as the desperate financial situation of their countries makes it impossible for them to make any significant financial contribution to student fees.
Animal Aid Abroad
ABN 84865073587
Endorsed DGR Item 1
Animal Aid Abroad raises funds in Australia and overseas via donations and functions and events held in Australia. Funds raised are sent overseas to assist working animal shelters and charities with their operations, medicines, equipment and veterinary services.
Uthana Mission
ABN 99754317527
Endorsed DGR Item 1
Uthana Mission is a notforprofit relief organisation based in Perth, Western Australia that is committed to helping the under privileged in Kolkata, India. See
Institute Of Notre Dame Des Missions
ABN 25191803876
Endorsed DGR Item 1
The Charity provides benevolent relief to disadvantaged individuals by:providing a safe home environment for abandoned childrenproviding basic health, pre and post natal health and HIV Aids Programsproviding education programs both formal and informal to tribal/indigenous womenand childrenproviding anti human trafficking programsproviding pastoral care and counsellingproviding and developing micro credit, self help and other development programsproviding support services to the disabled and their families, including skills training
Youth With A Mission (Perth)
ABN 85648394353
Endorsed DGR Item 1
Youth With A Mission Perth is an international community committed to the Great Commission: seeking God for new ways to make Jesus Christ known through evangelism, training and mercy ministries. Our primary focus is on youth, cities, and where the Gospel is needed. Our work includes local and international ministry and field focused training.
Frequently asked questions

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Why should I donate to support Indian causes?

There are many good reasons to donate to support Indian causes. One reason is that India is home to a large number of poor people. By donating to support Indian causes, you can help improve the lives of those in poverty. Another reason to donate is that India has a lot of potential. With your help, India could become a world leader in many different fields.

Donating to support Indian causes shows solidarity with the Indian people. When you donate, you are saying that you care about the welfare of the Indian people and you want to help make their lives better.

Why do Indian focused charities and nonprofits need funds?

There are a number of reasons why Indian focused charities and nonprofits need funds. First, many of these organizations work to provide basic necessities like food, water, and shelter to those in need. Additionally, they may also provide educational and medical assistance to those who cannot afford it. Furthermore, many of these charities also work to raise awareness about important issues such as poverty, malnutrition, and gender inequality. All of these efforts require significant financial resources.

How do I know my donation is going to help India?

When you make a donation to an organization, you can check with the organization to see how your donation is being used. You can also research the organization yourself to see if they are reputable and have a good track record of helping people in India.

How else can I support charities and nonprofits that focus on India, aside from donations?

There are many ways to support charities and nonprofits that focus on India, aside from donations. You can volunteer your time, skills, and resources to help these organizations achieve their goals. You can also spread awareness about the work of these charities and nonprofits by sharing information about them with your friends, family, and community. Additionally, you can advocate for policies and initiatives that support the charitable work of these organizations.

Make a donation to support India and help families in need

Donations help to build schools, provide clean water, fund medical research, and improve the lives of people in need in India.

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