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Giveabl helps businesses and individuals donate to charities, nonprofits and social enterprises with just a few lines of code or via code-less integrations (Shopify Plugin or Zapier).

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How does Giveabl work for donors?

Imagine you're an e-commerce store that sells books. You have decided to plant a tree for every book that is purchased through your online store.

All you have to do is select a recipient on Giveabl who plants trees and then integrate with Giveabl’s Application Programming Interface (API) via code or a code-less integration (Shopify Plugin or Zapier).

Now every time a book is purchased, the recipient automatically receives a donation to plant a tree.

Giveabl helps donors and recipients easily set up their donation specifications and then go about their daily business with no extra monitoring or administrative time.

New subscriber
A purchase on your website.
New subscriber
A purchase on your website.
Donation received
A tree is planted by a charity!
Donation received
A tree is planted by a charity!
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API & Integrations
Automate your giving
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Find causes that align with your stakeholders
API & Integrations

Ways to automate your giving

Giveabl API

Integrate directly with the Giveabl API to empower your social and environmental impact.

Read about the Giveabl API

Integrate with Zapier

Connect Giveabl to thousands of third-party services without code using Zapier.


Shopify Plugin Coming Soon

Install the Giveabl Shopify plugin to enable code-free donations via the Giveabl API.


ESG is critical to business success

Now more than ever Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is critical to business success. Giveabl helps you to easily build giving into your business model.
83% of consumers think companies should be actively shaping ESG best practices
91% of business leaders believe their company has a responsibility to act on ESG issues
86% of employees prefer to support or work for companies that care about the same issues they do
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Find causes that matter to your business, integrate via the Giveabl API, and start doing good, at scale.