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Your donations via Giveabl's Donations API and plugins can help to support Fiji by providing essential aid and supplies to those who need it most.

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One of the most important things that donations help to support in Fiji is the economy. This is because when people donate to charities or causes in Fiji, the money goes towards supporting local businesses and create jobs. In addition, donations help to fund essential services such as healthcare and education. Without these services, many people in Fiji would not be able to live healthy or productive lives.

Donations also help to preserve Fiji’s environment and culture. By supporting organizations that protect Fiji’s rainforests and reefs, donors are helping to ensure that future generations can enjoy the beauty of Fiji’s natural world.

Photo of Fijian beach by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash
Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash
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Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash
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Why charitable support for Fiji is important

Natural disasters are a regular occurrence in Fiji and these catastrophic events often leave behind extensive damage, including loss of life and displacement of citizens. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, it is essential that humanitarian aid is provided in order to help those who have been affected. This is where charitable support comes in.

Charitable organizations play a vital role in providing relief after natural disasters. They provide much-needed financial assistance to help with reconstruction efforts as well as providing essential supplies such as food, water and medicine. They often set up temporary shelters and provide counseling services to help people deal with the psychological impact of a disaster.

The support of charitable organizations is crucial for Fiji during these difficult times. It helps to ensure that the country can recover from the devastation caused by a natural disaster and rebuild its infrastructure. Without this support, the negative impacts of a natural disaster would be far greater.

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Three ways you can support Fiji causes
  1. Donate to charities that work in Fiji. There are many charities that work to provide relief and assistance to those living in poverty in Fiji. By donating to these organizations, you can help make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

  2. Sponsor a child in Fiji. There are many children living in poverty in Fiji who do not have access to basic necessities like food, clean water, and education. You can help change this by sponsoring a child through one of the many organizations that work with children living in poverty in Fiji. By sponsoring a child, you can help give them the chance to have a better future.

  3. Volunteer your time or skills to organizations working in Fiji. There are many organizations that could benefit from your time or skills, whether you have experience working with children, teaching English, or providing medical assistance. Volunteering your time or skills is a great way to support the people of Fiji while also gaining valuable experience yourself

What makes Fiji unique About Fiji

Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific. It is unique for its natural beauty, as well as its friendly people and relaxed lifestyle.

Fiji is a popular tourist destination because of its stunning beaches, clear waters and lush vegetation. The islands offer something for everyone, whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or an adventurous holiday. Fiji also has a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets.

What makes Fiji particularly special is its people. Fijians are renowned for their warmth and hospitality, and visitors always feel welcomed here. There is a strong sense of community on the islands, and locals are always happy to share their culture with visitors. This makes Fiji a great place to visit if you want to experience true island life.

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Donate to support Fiji causes

At Giveabl, we help businesses and individuals automatically donate to charities, nonprofits, and social enterprises via our website, API or code-less integrations.

You can support causes important to you or your customers without any hassle. Simply browse vetted causes from our curated selection of charities and social enterprises committed to doing good in the world, and get started today!

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Kyeema Foundation
ABN 84107210015
Endorsed DGR Item 1
KYEEMA supports local solutions to empower lives, primarily through improving village poultry production through control of Newcastle disease (a major killer of chickens) and training in low cost, local solutions for raising village chickens. Poultry are one of the few natural capital assets owned by many households, especially women, who live on or below the poverty line. Our activities support sustainable food sources and help people move themselves out of poverty. Our values of people first, respect, collaboration and empowerment guide us in our mission and vision. Our mission is to support local partnerships and use of local resources to improve livelihoods of vulnerable communities. Our vision is empowerment for these communities to realize their own aspirations for prosperity. Our projects seek to improve local economy, empower women, help children grow, reduce inequality for vulnerable groups, improve biodiversity and climate change resilience, and foster local innovation.
Rustic Pathways Foundation
ABN 64627234904
Endorsed DGR Item 1
° We built built houses in Cambodia to support marginalised communities and provide poverty relief.° We provided relief to communities and families in Fiji that were economically impacted by COVID19.° We supported sustainable development projects to advance social welfare amongst impoverished and disadvantaged communities.° We partnered with schools, students and teachers to raise money for poverty relief in Australia and overseas.
Islamic Education & Welfare Association Of Dandenong
ABN 20602865462
Endorsed DGR Item 1
Financial assistance provided to communities in Australia and overseas through donations from the public is one of the key objectives of our organization.
Rocketship Pacific
ABN 82605733588
Endorsed DGR Item 1
Rocketship aims to strengthen primary health care systems in the Pacific by supporting Primary Health CareServices; enhancing the capacity of healthcare professionals; promoting healthy behaviours and enablinghealthy communities.
Australian And New Zealand Gastroenterology International Training Associat
ABN 73601657185
Endorsed DGR Item 1
We provide regular gastroenterology and endoscopy training programs for physicians and nurses in developing IndoPacific countries who are looking to acquire or enhance their skills in this field. Training and mentoring are provided at partnering hospitals in 6 countries and through online activities that reach even more. We also assist our partners in the sourcing equipment and other materials necessary for the continuing operations of their endoscopy centres.
Fiji Book Drive
ABN 97610268829
Endorsed DGR Item 1
We repurposed books, computers and educational resources, taking them out of thehands of those that do not need them and into the hands of those that do. We have had direct feedback from teachers, students and parents that these contributions were very valuable. We have also trialed a small run of news stories published in the Fijian language.
Monash University
ABN 12377614012
Endorsed DGR Item 1
Teaching and learning Enrolment of school leavers, mature aged students and students from overseas. Offering scholarships and bursaries to disadvantaged students and providing skill sets that enable graduates to seek employment. Research Undertook research activities across a range of arts, social sciences and sciences and medical disciplines. Development Offering a range of extra curricular activities that encourage and facilitate students to develop critical thinking skills, leadership skills and a sense of place in the community.
Doterra Healing Hands Foundation Australia And New Zealand
ABN 28619392344
Endorsed DGR Item 1
doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Australia and New Zealand Limited exists to provide individual and communities experiencing poverty or distress with the tools they need to overcome these challenges. We work with other charitable partners to provide these tools to achieve the following outcomes: 1. Ending human trafficking;2. Increasing access to opportunities for communities experiencing poverty; 3. Ending domestic violence; &4. Providing Disaster Relief.
ABN 87887514554
Endorsed DGR Item 1
We provided development assistance in the form of education, resources and activities to disadvantaged young Fijian medical students, building their capacity during their journey through medical school and clinical practice. We supplemented the tertiary education of medical students in both Australia and Fiji, by providing educational materials such as textbooks, computers and stethoscopes (either donated or at subsidised prices), facilitating exchange teaching programs between Universities, and facilitating student exchanges between Universities. We ran online teaching initiatives that advance the education of Fijian medical students. We also educated Australian medical students on health requirements specific to the Pacific Islands, that are often not taught in the formal University curriculum encouraging them to take an interest in global health. More information is available at
Coptic Care International
ABN 91612157285
Endorsed DGR Item 1
Funds raised in Australia is used to support an orphanage home and diabetic centre in Fiji
Hope Worldwide (Australia) Aid
ABN 25165347688
Endorsed DGR Item 1
Hope worldwide Australia Aid aims to provide relief to those in need. Hope has been involved in programs for the elderly, refugees and families in need both overseas and in Australia. Hope donates funds to these programs and also encourages volunteers to be involved in assisting in the programs
Reach 4 Your Future Foundation
ABN 13389287007
Endorsed DGR Item 1
We provided Solar Lanterns as assembled by Australian school children as part of an educational program to the less fortunate children of Fiji and Australian families impacted by the 2019/2020 bushfires.
Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Why should I donate to support Fijian causes?

There are many reasons to donate to support Fijian causes. Fiji is a country that is consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world, despite having a relatively low GDP. The people of Fiji are incredibly welcoming and friendly, and the scenery is absolutely beautiful. However, Fiji is also a country that is constantly threatened by natural disasters, such as cyclones and floods. By donating to support Fiji causes, you can help provide relief and assistance to those who have been affected by these disasters. Additionally, your donation can help support sustainable development projects in Fiji that will help the country continue to thrive in the face of challenges.

Why do Fiji-focused charities and nonprofits need funds?

There are a number of reasons why Fiji-focused charities and nonprofits need funds. First, they may need money to cover the costs of their programs and activities. Additionally, they may need funds to help with capacity building or to expand their reach. Lastly, they may require funds to respond to emergencies or natural disasters.

What are some ways donations are used to support Fiji?

Some ways that donations are used to support Fiji include providing financial assistance to Fiji’s government, helping to fund infrastructure projects, and supporting relief and recovery efforts in the wake of natural disasters. Additionally, donations may be used to provide access to basic needs such as clean water and sanitation, food security, healthcare, and education.

How do I know my donation is going to help Fiji?

There are a few ways to ensure your donation will help Fiji. First, you can research the organization you're donating to and make sure they have a good reputation and history of helping Fiji. Second, you can directly contact the organization and ask how your donation will be used to help Fiji.

How else can I support charities and nonprofits that focus on Fiji, aside from donations?

There are many ways to support charities and nonprofits that focus on Fiji, aside from donations. You can volunteer your time, skills, and resources to help with their work. You can also advocate for their cause, spread awareness about their work, and connect them with others who may be able to help.

Your donations support relief efforts in providing basic necessities and medical supplies to those who need it most.

Donations to Fiji help support essential services such as healthcare, education and infrastructure. They also help to build resilience in the face of natural disasters. Your donation can make a real difference to the lives of people in Fiji.

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