Ethnic or Culturally-Specific Museums Recipients

Cultural institutions are critical to the preservation and transmission of knowledge, history and identity. They maintain and exhibit objects and artworks, educate the public, and conduct research. Your support helps ensure that these institutions can continue their important work.

Donate money to Ethnic or Culturally-Specific Museums charities, nonprofits and social enterprises

Ensure ethnic and culturally-specific museums are available for future generation to enjoy and learn from by giving to these museum-related charities, nonprofits and social enterprises.

Search recipients who curate, maintain and display important artefacts at ethnic or culturally-specific museums. Your donations can also help these museums to provide educational opportunities for the public. By hosting events, exhibitions, and educational programs, these museums can share the beauty and significance of their cultures with a wider audience. This can help break down barriers between people of different backgrounds and promote understanding and respect.