Environmental Causes

Use Giveabl's range of environmental causes to select a project that resonates with your company and customers. These meaningful causes allow you to see exactly where your donation is going and the direct impact that it is having on protecting and conserving the environment.

Donate money to Environment causes

Environmental causes are specific projects or plans of action that a charity, social enterprise or nonprofit is working towards implementing. These causes have been researched and planned by the organizations themselves and have been deemed as having the ability to have a measurable impact on the environment. Assisting a charity, nonprofit or socal nterprise to reach their financial goal allows them to fund the cause they have nominated and see the important project through to completion.

From planting trees to creating public awareness about particular environmental movements, supporting these causes with your donation will directly influence the organization's environmental goals. You can track your company’s impact via your Giveabl dashboard. This can be shared with your company’s team members, stakeholders and customers to demonstrate and collectively celebrate progress towards your ESG goals.

Supporting environmental initiatives is imperative to the conservation, restoration and sustainability of our relationship with the natural world. Nominating a cause to give back to via your businesses day-to-day operations allows these wonderful charities, nonprofits and social enterprises to continue doing their vital work for our futures.

Getting started contributing is as easy as selecting a cause you would like to support, deciding how your business would like to set up their giving program and then integrating with our Giveabl API or plugins. The API makes your giving program easy with minimal administrative or development time needed.