New updates and improvements to Giveabl.

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Changelog: Claimed profiles now display publicly on

With new charities and non-profits joining Giveabl, our first task was to ensure that claimed profiles displayed sufficient information to guest visitors to

We've added logos, hero images, descriptions, registration information, country details and much more, making it easier for donors to make an informed donation decision.

We're proud to showcase the first team to complete their profile, Sunshine Butterflies!

Now that we're welcoming both donors and recipients to the platform, please join and claim your team.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed team logos not displaying in team cards on tag pages
  • Fixed so countries and currencies sort alphabetically
  • Fixed Intercom link to manage email preferences
  • Added Pledge/Donate button to claimed team profile page on
  • Added clearbit link to public website to highlight where data/logos are gathered
  • Fixed caching issue in dashboard
  • Added the ability to archive a published post
  • Fixed issue where first added credit card wasn't immediately made the default payment method 
  • Updated donation error messages
  • Fixed donation issue when recipient's Stripe account has not been setup completely
  • Fixed posts profanity filter to make it less sensitive
  • Fixed Stripe payout verification messages
  • Fixed dashboard window back button
  • Fixed login redirect issues
  • Search switched from Algolia to Meilisearch
  • Google Analytics updated to v4
Just now

Changelog: Pledge through the Dashboard

While we already support pledging via the Giveabl API, and just announced pledging via Zapier, we're happy to share that your team can now Pledge manually through the Giveabl Dashboard.

Each method is suited to different use-cases, for example:

  • Giveabl API: pledging via code requires a level of technical knowledge to implement, however, this is trivial for a proficient developer familiar with API keys and integrating with a REST API. Perfect for automated pledging through custom, bespoke integrations.
  • Giveabl Zapier Integration: pledging via Zapier is a low-code/no-code solution that offers similar functionality to the Giveabl API. Where the Giveabl API allows for any kind of integration, Zapier is limited to the other 4,000+ apps that have connected with it. Perfect for automated pledging through Zapier's extensive list of well-known integrations.
  • Giveabl Dashboard: pledging via the Dashboard is a manual process that require you finding the charity you would like to pledge to, then making a pledge using the form. Perfect for manual pledging.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed issue where viewing blog posts by tag did not display any posts
  • Updated the team page on the public website to match the team page in the dashboard
  • Added a button to claim flow to view the Claim Overview page
  • Added additional details to team pages
  • Added claim prompt to team pages
Just now

Changelog: Intuitive Editor for Posts

On a technical note, the content of Posts is saved in JSON format, comprising of an array of content 'blocks'. Once we open up access to Posts endpoints through the Giveabl API, you will be able to use Giveabl as a headless blogging tool to power your own websites or applications, or pass content to your own backend via Webhooks.

We're still working on adding hyperlink support, however images, link blocks, headings, paragraphs and quotes are all supported.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor
  • Added the ability to add link blocks to posts
  • Fixed real-time data updates and notifications across the dashboard
Just now

Changelog: Social Layer & Notifications

At this stage, Pledges can only be made via the API. Shortly, you will be able to make pledges via the dashboard.

In this update, we have added a social layer and notifications. This means that you can now follow other donors and recipients, share and react to posts and view profiles. This social layer will help to increase the reach of your philanthropic efforts.

Like all social networks, the value and subsequent rate of growth is dependent on the number of users interacting with one another. By default, donations are public and will be shared to your feed. This will help to showcase causes and foster a community of like-minded Givers. We're incredibly excited to see how giving can be reimaged in a social context, powered by the Giveabl API.

Giveabl is still in beta. We welcome any and all feedback as we continue to improve our offering and welcome more Givers!

Fixes & Improvements

  • Added notifications
  • Added the ability to follow/unfollow teams
  • Added home feed to display activities from teams you follow
  • Improved the dashboard layout
  • Added the ability to generate and rotate multiple API keys
  • Added names to new API Keys

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