Animal Causes

Select from various animal welfare-related causes that help your business or team to support, fund, and advocate for specific and current projects.

Donate money to Animals causes

Animal welfare causes are particular campaigns that have been identified as important priorities, projects and fundraisers by animal-related recipients. Selecting a cause to support ensures that crucial funds are provided to projects that directly support animals and their protection. Choose a cause that aligns with your business's values or function, and then track your contribution to the cause via your Giveabl impact page.

Supporting a particular cause is a great way to articulate your donation's direct impact on your team, customers, and stakeholders. Directly supporting causes allows you to provide specific information in your messaging and know your generous donation's exact impact.

Choosing a cause to support is as easy as searching the causes provided on Giveabl, selecting one that resonates with you and your business or team and then deciding how you would like to incorporate the giving via our Giveabl API.