What is Giveabl?

The donation API for social & environmental good

Giveabl helps businesses and individuals automatically donate to charities, nonprofits, and social enterprises via the Giveabl API or code-less integrations (Shopify Plugin or Zapier).

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Are you looking to give automated donations to charities, nonprofits and social enterprises?

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Are you looking to receive automated donations from businesses and individuals that want to give?

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Built for developers

An API with purpose at its core

We’re building the internet’s Social Good Layer—the Giveabl API.

An Application Programming Interface —or API—allows two applications to talk to one another. When you make a payment online, you’re using an API. When you use your favourite app, chances are it’s powered by a multitude of APIs.

Built with simplicity at its core, the Giveabl API allows your business to start giving in minutes, not months.

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// Plant a tree
try {
  const response = await axios.post('/v1/donations', {
    recipient_uid: 'recipient_9nc783nldmjt16yw092dc9cjsW',
    cause_uid: 'cause_mhq6d29n2cnGGw38nxdRj42j24',
    amount: 350, // donation amount in cents
} catch (error) {
Giveabl is currently in beta Welcoming Charities, Nonprofits & Social Enterprises

While we finalise the donation API, website and dashboard, we’re looking to connect with charities, nonprofits and social enterprises to help validate our assumptions and improve our product for launch.

We are committed to building the best API-enabled giving platform in the world—the Internet’s Social Good Layer.

Are you a charity, NPO or social enterprise? Register your interest today.

You're in good company We're a proud member of Philanthropy Australia

Philanthropy Australia is the national peak body for organisations and individuals working to achieve positive change.

While Giveabl is an Australian team, our ambition is to think global from day one.

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The Giveabl Story Giveabl was founded by Scott Tonges and Jill Snape

Co-founders of Edtech startup, Teach Starter

Giveabl was born out of our own desire to give back to the community through our first business, Teach Starter. We planted a tree for every member that signed up to our subscription service and found that the process could be automated and streamlined to make it more accessible to more businesses of any size.

We decided to create exactly what we would have liked to use when implementing and managing our giving program—thus Giveabl was created!

Scott Tonges and Jill Snape the co-founders of Giveabl and Teach Starter

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